How to Throw An Apple Tasting Party

How to Throw An Apple Tasting Party

I’ve always loved this time of year.  As a kid, it seemed like suddenly apples were everywhere. Tucked in lunch boxes and homemade pies, spilling out of bushel baskets at Demarco’s fruit stand, and at home, heaped in the fruit bowl adorning our Formica countertop. I can’t remember whether my mother polished the apples beforehand but it’s likely -- Mom polished everything.

Like many families, mine ate mostly McIntoshes. Tom Chudleigh, who owns and operates Chudleigh’s pick-your-own apple farm near Milton, Ontario, says that while Macs are still favoured by the children who visit, adults rave about all the new experiences their taste-buds encounter as they sample their way through many of the 22 varieties he grows.

“People don’t realize the staggering amount of varieties that exist these days,” he says.

By staggering, think more than 7,500 varieties worldwide.

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