Crock to Cue: Bacon Wrapped Drumsticks with Grilled Carrots

As Mother Nature turns down the temperature and reaches for the dimmer switch earlier and earlier these days, the thought of grilling outdoors can be less alluring than it is in our glorious summer months. But when you let these drumsticks slow cook all day the grill time is reduced from 40 minutes say, to a mere ten. Happily, chicken and bacon, when infused with a bit of pineapple juice, delivers a lovely flavour combo and makes for an easy weekday dinner treat. The bonus? You get grilled veggies too!

6 large chicken drumsticks

6 strips bacon

4-5 large carrots (similar thickness, cut to length to fit slow cooker)

½ cup pineapple juice

3 tbsp brown sugar

Barbecue sauce (optional)


Wrap each drumstick with one strip of bacon and secure with toothpick. Place carrots in the bottom of slow cooker in single layer. Set drumsticks on top of carrots. Mix together pineapple juice and brown sugar. Pour mixture over drumsticks. Cover and cook on LOW 6 to 8 hours. Heat and oil grill. Grill drumsticks, and carrots on medium high for 10 minutes or so turning often until bacon is crispy, and carrots have grill marks. If desired, baste drumsticks with barbecue sauce while grilling (a maple-flavoured BBQ sauce works especially well).

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