How to Throw a Mustard Tasting Party

Zoomer - Oct 2014

Zoomer - Oct 2014

If you’ve ever jostled your way through the crowds at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday, you’ll know it’s elbows up if you want to make it anywhere near Kozlik’s. The mustard mecca holds a massive public tasting party on that day, setting out ramekins of all 38 of its mustards along with pieces of freshly cooked peameal bacon for dipping. Like a gaggle of Goldilocks, samplers sing out their appraisals: This one’s too hot, this one’s too sweet… oh, this one’s just right! Comments from condiment connoisseurs are more in-depth and address everything from appearance and aroma to flavour notes and mouth-feel. 

Jeremy Kessler, who purchased the then 50-year-old company from Anton Kozlik back in 2000, understands why people like to taste his concoctions before committing to a jar. For many, only yellow, Dijon and honey mustards have crossed their palates, so varieties such as Clobbered Cranberry, Balsamic with Figs and Date and Black Harp, which boasts Guinness beer,  seem daunting. 

“Tastings are good for the customers and good for us as well. We get a lot of feedback, which helps us finesse existing products and tweak new ones.” Mind you, new product development is tricky, and a few duds can be expected along the way. “We sold only a few jars of the chocolate mustard we made one year for Valentine’s Day and we couldn’t get rid of our St. Patrick’s Day mustard, which was, I admit, really green.” Read more...

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