How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time

Imagine this. Your man comes home from work and the kitchen's clean, dinner's done. 

200 Slow Cooker Recipes to Heat Up the Bedroom Instead of the Kitchen.

Enticed by the delicious aroma wafting from the slow cooker, he lifts the lid and takes a peek. Mmm, Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Gumbo, his favorite. He calls your name. You do not respond. Intrigued, he walks toward the bedroom, and finds the door slightly ajar. He pushes it open. what does he see? 

  1. You, curled up in bed, snoring softly under the covers. After a workday from hell, you crashed and burned knowing full-well dinner wouldn't.
  2. No one. You're doing the mall thing; he can grab a quick bite and pick up the kids at his mother's.
  3. A good-bye note. Having finally carried out your threat of walking out the door and never coming back, you prepared a nice meal in case you change your mind.
  4. You, sprawled on the bed, wearing nothing but an apron. To you, the only thing more fun than making love is making love and dinner at the same time.

If you can see yourself in any of these scenarios, you'll love this book. 

Laced with dozens of zingers on men, money, shopping, sex, and work, How to Make Love & Dinner at the Same Time offers 200 steamy recipes that require a half hour or less of preparation time, such as Caramelized Red Onion Dip; Chicken Bites in Thai Peanut Sause; Cream of Sweet Potato Soup; Steak and Orzo in Tomato-Oregano Sauce; Lemon-Garlic Chicken on a Vegetable Bed; Madame M's Chocolate Upside-Down Cake. This is a slow cooker cookbook that sizzles!

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( First Printing - Nov 2003; Second Printing - Sept 2007 ) 


After reading Rebecca’s hilarious book (not your average roster of recipes), I immediately bought a slow cooker and a teddy. The kind you wear.
— Lynn Johnston, creator of the syndicated comic strip For Better or for Worse
Food writer and proud owner of five slow cookers, Jager blows the dust off of Grandma’s favorite cooking device and tells working women how they can make “love-me-tender” meals that will bring husbands and boyfriends to their knees-all without spending more than 33 minutes (and, in some cases, less than seven) in the kitchen. Jager persuasively outlines the advantages of “doing it slowly” (saving on electricity, preparing meals the night before, etc.) and lays out her recipes in an accessible, course-by-course manner. The dishes range from the inventive (Prune Pockets Stuffed with Wild Rice and Smoked Turkey; Lamb in Ginger-Pear wine Sauce with Lima Beans) to the basic (Easy Corned Beef Brisket; Beef and Vegetable Stew), but all are guaranteed to leave the chef with plenty of time for other mouth-watering activities. Though geared more toward women, with its sassy girl talk sidebars, this book would also be a good companion for men looking for tasty recipes that are free of fancy foreign f words like fricassee and flambe.
— From Publishers Weekly - Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Do you have enough time to do everything you need (or want) to do in a day? How to Make Love and Dinner at the Same Time is a fabulous slow cooker cookbook designed to give you more time to run errands, take a nap ... or maybe even make love. Rebecca Field Jager discusses the advantages of the slow cooker method of cooking: it’s ideal for warm days, as it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven, the slow cooker doesn’t use as much energy or fat, meals can be prepared the night before, and it lets your family eat on your own schedule.
Guidelines for choosing a slow cooker (known to many as a crockpot), how to use it, and maximizing the different ingredients are outlined. Recipes are divided into three categories in each section: WhamBam — which use three or fewer ingredients, have a less than seven minute prep time, and require the use of no other appliances, QuickEase—use four or more ingredients, take less than 20 minutes to prepare, and require the use of a slow cooker only, and 33-Minute Recipes—the longest time it takes to make any of the other recipes.
Looking for a variety of recipes? How to Make Love and Dinner at the Same Time has many different types, from simple to gourmet. In Appetizers and Dips, you can make (just to name a few): Warm Bean Salsa, Fiery Artichoke­Zucchini Spread, Brie with Red Pepper Jelly in Grape Leaves, and Pizza Roll. Soups range from French Onion to Mellow Yellow Corn Soup with Saffron. Main courses indude standards such as Beef Stroganoff, Beef and Vegetable Stew, Sweet-and-Sour Pork, as well as unique recipes such as Lamb O,ops in Tomato-Oregano Sauce, Caribbean O,icken, and O,icken Mole. There are many others—fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes to please everyone in your family.
Other categories: side dishes, beverages, and desserts give the reader plenty of choices. Mingled with the recipes are helpful hints and funny anecdotes that make the reading of the recipes almost like a novel. I personally tried the recipe for BBQ Pork Roast and it was exactly as described. A QuickEase recipe, it was simple to put together and delicious to eat. The recipes are dear and easy to follow.
Even the most discriminating of palates will find something to please in this cookbook with a unique spin on slow cooking. If you haven’t dusted off that old crockpot in a few years, dig it out of the cupboard and think of it a bit differently—it can give you some extra time to add some fun into your day.
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