What would you ask Canada's oldest citizen? #AskDolly

Dolly Gibb is Canada’s oldest known citizen, and happily she just so happens to be one of my old family friends. At 111, she still lives in her home in my hometown of North Bay. I thought it’d be interesting to gather a few questions from fellow Canadians that I can ask her during an upcoming visit and then share the resulting Q & A on this site. So Canada … what would you ask our nation’s eldest supercentenarian?

A few deets about Dolly to get you thinking…

  • Born Ellen Box on April 26, 1905 in Winnipeg, Dolly got her nickname when as a teen she worked at Eaton’s creating ladies accessories. She was forced to leave her job when she married Dave Gibb in 1928 because Eaton’s didn’t knowingly hire married women back in the day!
  • Having lost her own mother at the young age of five, Dolly was very close to her daughter, Eleanor, who sadly passed away in 1991, and is best friends and housemates with her daughter Sue, 77!
  • Dolly was widowed in 1968 but continued to live in her home in Thunder Bay until her 100th birthday. For many years after her husband died she enjoyed the companionship of family friend, Herb Weinberg, who had also lost his wife.
  • A fashionista and self-described girly-girl, Dolly didn’t begin wearing pants in public until she was in her early 100s!
  • Oh Pierre! Dolly was actively involved and swept up in TrudeauMania!
  • Dolly never touched a drink until she was in her 70s when she took to sipping an occasional scotch. She switched to beer during her early 100s and today enjoys one Coors Light every afternoon.
  • An avid Bingo player, Dolly really hit the jackpot in the 1980’s with a lottery ticket win of more than $270,000!
  • Her favourite treat? Dolly devours one Sour Cream Glazed Timbit every morning and then another one in the eve.
  • Dolly watches Wheel of Fortune followed by Jeopardy every evening beginning at 7pm.
  • Dolly’s hearing is challenged so family and friends ask questions by writing them down. We used to use a little chalkboard to do this but that’s too old-school for Dolly – she now prefers her Samsung tablet!

Dolly Gibb celebrating her 111th Birthday on April 26, 2016