Destined for Disney

National Post - May 2012

National Post - May 2012

In the one shot, my daughter cowers next to me as if I can somehow save her from some monster poised to swallow her whole. In another, we are frozen in fear, eyes bulging, mouths agape as our elevator plunges almost 200 feet. In all our shots, among the myriad on display to passengers exiting the various Disney World rides, we look like a couple of madwomen on the loose. Which we were. 

2012 marks the year Samantha turns 25 and I turn 50, and so, when the opportunity arose to spend a fewdays at Orlando’s claim to fame and then a few more aboard Disney Fantasy, their newest cruise ship, we decided it would be a fitting way to mark the milestones. After all, I didn’t take Sam and her little brother to Disney World when they were kids, and while there were many family vacations — summers up north, ski junkets to Quebec (and once Sam dressed up as a hockey stick and won us a trip to watch the Oilers play in Edmonton) we’ve had few mother/daughter adventures. Our last, although stellar, was a very quick trip to Iqualuit where I cheered Sam on as she carried the 2010 Olympic torch. 

So Disney? Better late than never, we figured.

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