Hammer to hammock, a volunteer travel story

On assignment for Zoomer Magazine, Rebecca Field Jager recently joined 18 Canadians and headed down to Guatemala to participate in a unique style of vacation. The group, comprised mostly of boomers with little construction experience, will spend the first part of the trip building a classroom addition at a primary school for under-privileged kids. The second part, they’ll spend soaking up the culture, cuisine and countryside of this spectacular destination. Hammer to Hammock, our daily video series, captures the highlights as Rebecca and her cohorts build structures, friendships and memories.

It's day one and the team heads out to the build site where they'll be working all week on a classroom for 25 students who need the space to be ready for when their school year begins in January.
After a day at the construction site the team is let out early for some free time to soak up the local culture.
The team meets school principal Igore's mom, Megally, and the school's cook Ada.
Uploaded by Zoomer Magazine on 2013-11-28.
It's the last day of the build and the team is working hard to finish up before saying goodbye. Things are moving along a lot smoother and everyone's done a great job.
The team wakes up early to climb a volcano, and then head off to the spa for a little R&R and pampering.

Video filmed and produced by Peter Hatch Films.

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